1) Registration

Registration is free and fast. Hit Register button at the top navigation, fill short form and submit. That's all, you're done, you can now access main members panel. After login you need to verify your email address.

2) Faucet

After login you can claim free coins every 5 minutes. We set a limit of maximum 100 claims each day. If you want to claim more then you need to visit some Shortlinks to earn energy.

3) Energy

Energy is a way to reward Active users. You can claim free Energy by visiting short links to maximize your daily faucet claim limit. Users need 10 Energy for claiming faucet for 1 time after user achieved its daily claim limit.

4) Short links

You can earn free coins every time you visit short links and not only that you can also earn free Energy by visiting each short link.

5) PTC

Visit advertisers websites to claim free coins everyday. You can promote your own links too.

6) Mining Pack

Each mining pack has a certain value and return a profit of 120%.

7) Affiliate

You can refer as many referrals you want. You'll receive 20% commission on their PTC clicks, short link visit and faucet claims. Referral commission on clicks, shortlinks and faucet claims will be awarded to your account instantly.

8)Mining Pack Affiliate commission

You'll receive 8% profit on your referrals daily return. Explained below:

e.g. if your referral bought a mining pack of worth 10000 coins. He receive 1% in return which is 100 coins daily. And you as an upliner receive 8 coins everyday until he receive his 120% return.

You can check your Referral commission here

9) Withdraw

Minimum withdraw is just 500 Satoshi. All withdraws will be processed manually within few minutes to maximum 24 hrs. (May be taken up to 7 days but in some rare cases)

10) Why my payment is still pending after 24hrs?

As of now we are using Faucetpay to process members withdrawals. So if you didn't linked your bitcoin address with Faucetpay your payment will be remain pending until you linked your bitcoin wallet address with Faucetpay.

11) Account Ban

Your account will be banned if you don't comply with our terms for operating an account:

a) Multiple accounts are not allowed.

b) Try any method/software to cheat the system.

c) Asking your referrals for cashback for doing task and clicks.

If your account banned by system their will be no chance to get it back. Only possible if you provide any valid reason.

Tip: Avoid using Public networks like College Library, Public Wifi's etc 

12) More to Ask

Feel free to contact us or leave a message on the site chat.