Site Modified (12-09-2020)

Today we updated our script and now Satoshitap support BTC, LTC and BCH. 

Changes takes place in this update:

  • User balance is converted from coins to BTC balance.
  • Separate balances for LTC and BCH added.
  • Separate purchase balances for each currency has been added.
  • Separate Ads available for each currency ( Advertiser can target specific currency).
  • Separate faucet for each currency.
  • Direct withdrawal is enabled. (Payout to Faucetpay is not possible anymore).

About the withdrawal:

We deleted all pending payouts and refund balance to users account balances.

Now before requesting a withdrawal request you need to acquire 0.0001 balance in each currency. 

User need to provide valid addresses for each currency to request a withdraw. If you provided invalid address, we don't take any responsibility for payment loss.  

About the Revenue Share:

User can't be able to buy new Revenue share pack. Those who already bought adpacks will get their daily profit until their share remain active.

If you have any query let me know at [email protected]


Bug found in the Revenue Share (03-08-2020)

We recently found a bug in our Revenue share system. Whenever a user try to buy a Revenue share it shows an error. After that the deposit balance remains the same

but system allocate the Revenue share to that user.

To be a good and liable member if this occurs to you, you contact admin and report this bug. But one of our user took benefit from this and bought more shares with this bug.

So as a punishment my co partner says we need to banned his account but I said to him that this is not right so we plan a punishment for him.

Total Amount he deposited:  0.02BTC

Total Amount he Withdrawed: 0.01202897BTC

Remaining Amount: 0.00797103BTC

So we added 79 shares of each value 0.0001BTC to his account and rest of 0.00007103BTC to his deposit balance.


We hate cheaters and scammers. Don't try this.

FaucetPay Withdrawals (30-06-2020)

As all of you know that we are currently paying withdrawals to Faucetpay. Many users withdrawal requests are on hold because they didn't linked their Bitcoin address with Faucetpay account.

So In order to get payments on time you need  to create an account at faucetpay and link your bitcoin address with Faucetpay and then apply for withdrawals, so we'll process your withdrawal request ASAP. 

SatoshiTap crosses 3000+ Members barrier (29-06-2020)

Thank you Satoshitap members for your support and love. Keep it up as we'll bring more earning options for you in near future.

SatoshiTap Reached at 1000+ Members (26-06-2020)

We are really happy to announce that we have more than 1000 members in past 24 hrs. We are really happy by the growth of . Keep supporting us. 

SatoshiTap Launched (25-06-2020)

We strongly welcome Earners and Advertisers at Satoshitap is build for everyone even if you are an earner, advertiser or miner. Here at Satoshitap you can maxizmize your earning by doing some routine task and in return you'll receive reward in satoshi's for that.